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Cartella is an established and leading service provider of electrical, air-conditioning, data and communication services. We specialise in electrical construction and infrastructure solutions servicing the commercial, construction and residential industries of South East Queensland. Our services are implemented in the government, education, retail, and hospitality sectors. View our recent projects portfolio.

This wealth of experience and expertise enables us to offer a range of proven and dynamic solutions to meet the specific needs of any project.

As a business, we have a sound understanding of Brisbane’s growth potential and are excited by the array of opportunities available for contributing to new projects and developments. Years of experience allow us to conceptualise and communicate commercially sound project options quickly and fluently. We are able to align the visions of our clients with service practicalities and the imperatives of the greater community to achieve viable solutions.

Through planning, construction, installation, service, and maintenance, we provide dynamic, real-word solutions from concept to completion and beyond. By offering inhouse services such as drafting and design, we’re able to reduce costs, complications and time to deliver a complete and smart project package.

Cartella’s proven processes and systems continue to be maintained with a focus on Safety, Quality and Continuous Improvement in line with industry standards, regulations, and legislation. Our outcomes are further strengthened by our highly regarded senior management team, who collectively have vast experience and venture to continue upholding an excellent reputation for producing quality installations, service and workmanship.



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