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Fluids & Fuel Management

Cartella Fluids and fuel management

Cartella specialists are certified for installation and maintenance of a vast range of fluids & fuel management electrical equipment and circuitry in hazardous areas of your worksite.

Cartella’s versatility, through the continuous adaptation of its services to accommodate for the circumstances at hand. Right from the design, construction, upgrading, maintaining and decommission of bulk liquid storage systems, Cartella has the ability to handle any project irrespective of size and scale.


We specialise in the installation of new pumping equipment in areas that of high risk. Cartella’s highly skilled, certified technicians are trained to work safely and efficiently in hazardous areas, and in the presence of flammable goods. These are areas where only and accredited specialist can operate.

At Cartella, your safety is our priority. Our highly skilled staff endeavour to operate under our industry leading Workplace Health and Safety policies, in an effort to create a safe and efficient workplace for all stakeholders involved. This is something we take very seriously.

Maintenance and Servicing

As well as installations, Cartella provide premium maintenance and servicing options. We can ensure your current fluids & fuel management systems are working as effectively and efficiently as possible, and can formulate a scheduled maintenance plan in order to keep your systems in tip-top condition in the future.

No matter what system, what location and what condition, we customise our servicing and maintenance services to suit your specific set of needs!

Cartella’s fluid and fuel management services include:

Looking to install larger appliances that use more power?

Cartella has you covered. Cartella is capable of dealing with 3-phase power, for those larger, more power hungry pieces of equipment. Get Cartella control, with the installation of a variable frequency drive to regulate the speed of you single or three-phase electric motor.

All repairs and work performed by Cartella is backed by the Electrical and Communication Association (ECA) and our satisfaction guarantee. We are a Master Accredited electrical group, providing you with piece of mind. Cartella provides a quality service, at a cost effective price.

Call Cartella on 1300 973 287 for all of your fluids and fuel management plumbing and gas services.