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At Cartella, we take your safety seriously.

If your home electrics are faulty or no longer suited to fit your needs,  save the hassle and money by hiring Cartella to do an inspection. Our friendly contractors will provide you with advice about the best solutions, which installations you need, what they will cost, and how long it takes to fit or fix them.

Faulty or out-dated electrics can lead to big problems in the future. We offer full inspections which assess the safety and efficiency of your domestic electrical infrastructure, and will identify any faults or gaps in continuity in your house. Our experienced technicians will then provide you with a range of solutions tailored to your budget and timeframe.


Indoor – We have your domestic indoor installation needs covered, our experienced staff with professionally install all appliances, electrical devices or infrastructure into your home, renovation project or investment property.

We also provide expert installation of any indoor wiring, switches and lighting, all the way through to more specialised installations such as media centres!

Outdoor – We provide installations that can stand the tests of time, and resist the power of mother nature. Outdoor domestic electrical installations is one of Cartella’s specialties! Whether we are installing lighting for aesthetic appeal or security, or outdoor power outlets, you can always count on a high quality and cost-effective install from Cartella.

Cartella can satisfy your installation needs both indoors and outdoors!


Revitalise your home with the removal of any outdated power equipment. Cartella’s trained professionals will come to your home and install updated switchboards to meet todays power needs, providing you with the freedom you need to live your modern lifestyle with minimal interruption.


In the event of an emergency, Cartella is here to help. We will send our trained professionals out to the site of the emergency to assess damages, and secure the site. Our staff will ensure a safe electrical environment, and will make temporary provisions to ensure the safety of all stakeholders involved.


  • Power surges in your home that damaged your electrical appliances
  • Power outages resulting from an overloaded circuit
  • Electrical problem solving and resolution
  • Faulty or malfunctioning switches
  • RCD installation.*

* RCD stands for Residual-Current Device, which is safety device used to prevent electric shock or fires caused by faulty wiring. This type of circuit breaker trips if it detects a difference between the amount of current in the hot side and the neutral side.

All Cartella workmanship is supported by the Electrical & Communication Association (ECA) and the Cartella Satisfaction Guarantee. We area a Master Accredited electrical group and take pride in our work, giving you peace of mind that we will get the job done effectively, from a quality, time and cost perspective.


Cartella believes that prevention is the best cure.

Investing in regular safety assessment and maintenance of your home’s electrical infrastructure is the best and most price effective method of preventing power outages or equipment failure. We aim to minimise your forecasted expenses by catching small problems, before they transform into more serious, costly matters.

Summer Electrical Tip

We like to think ahead here at Cartella. Ensuring your air-conditioning and ventilation systems are in are in good working order is a sure-fire way to stay cool, calm and collected this summer. Our highly qualified, experienced technicians will come to your home, and conduct an in-depth inspection and analysis of the safety and functionality of your systems.

With Summer, comes storms. We recommend unplugging sensitive electrical devices like computers, televisions and microwaves during storms to prevent short circuiting in electrical lines due to lightning strikes. Cartella can install a circuit breaker and surge diverter into your home, reducing the risk of electrical damage to your home.

Did you know, the majority of thunderstorms in Brisbane occur from October to January, almost all involving lightning strikes. Severe thunderstorms occur around 20 days each summer in the Brisbane region.

Winter Electrical Tip

Before Winter rolls in, ensure your heating system and reverse aircon units and fully serviced and in good working order with a Cartella inspection! Be sure to also check the wiring and insulation of your hot water systems, we know that cold showers are no fun at all!

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