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Cartella Commercial

Cartella is more than willing to take on and complete any commercial electrical installation of new equipment, or the ongoing maintenance of your existing commercial electrical infrastructure. Cartella conducts commercial electrical installations and maintenance

This helps us, help you obtain the equipment needed, to ensure your business continues to operate at peak functionality, productivity and efficiency; ultimately resulting in optimum profitability. At Cartella, we strive to keep your business’ existing electrical infrastructure in pristine condition.

We are a one-stop-shop for all the needs of property managers in Brisbane.

Upgrade with Cartella

Having trouble with the existing electrical circuits and infrastructure in your commercial buildings? We can point you in the direction of the power upgrade that will best suit you. We will then customise our service in order to tailor the upgrade to your business’ specific set of requirements. Cartella can conduct upgrades such as:

We understand the strict safety regulations that are imposed on commercial buildings. At Cartella, we can provide you with comprehensive testing, analysis and inspection of all commercial electrical systems within your premises. We specialise in commercial Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) risk management, and endeavour to ensure a safe, risk free working environment for all stakeholders involved in your business.

Our Qualified, highly skilled technicians achieve this by operating under strict quality control policies, as well as performing any installations, maintenance and timely servicing on your premises to specific predetermined specifications.

All repairs and work performed by Cartella is reinforced by the Electrical & Communication Association (ECA) and the Cartella Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Cartella are a Master Accredited electrical group.

Cartella Commercial Maintenance

We use innovative and up-to-date technologies to diagnose, analyse and rectify any faults in your commercial electrical system, such as power factor, voltage level issues, continuity problems and other electrical faults.

Cartella minimise the interruption of your business by working productively and efficiently onsite at times that suit your business. Minimising the impact our service has on the operation of your business, is just one of the consideration we make to ultimately benefit you.

We are a business too, we understand how operating within set maintenance budgets is essential. The maintenance cost of commercial electrical systems can escalate exponentially if left untouched for long period of time. At Cartella, we work with you to schedule regular maintenance of your commercial electrical systems, while taking into account your budgetary restrictions without compromising of the quality of our workmanship.

Cartella’s commercial electrical services include:


Power Factor Correction Units: Supply, Install, and Maintenance

What’s changed?

Australian Energy companies now charge for reactive power, meaning your business could be paying for unused, wasted electricity.

Facilities consume Re-Active (waste) power, and also Real (working) power. Energy companies would previously charge based on a kW (kilowatt) demand tariff and charged businesses for the Real power that they actually used. The new kVA (kilovoltampere) tariff system now charges businesses for the power used AND the waste power that they don’t.

The solution

Cartella supply and install a range of Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Systems saving your business vast amounts of wasted energy, reducing the cost of your electricity bill as well as lowering your carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Power factor correction benefits

commercial 1

commercial 2

Reduced demand charges

Most energy companies charge for maximum metered demand based on either the highest registered demand in kilowatts (KW meter), or a percentage of the highest registered demand in KVA (KVA meter), whichever is greater. If the power factor is low, the percentage of the measured KVA will be significantly greater than the KW demand. Improving the power factor through power factor correction will lower the demand charge, helping to reduce your electricity bill.

Improved voltage levels

A lower power factor causes a higher current flow for a given load. As the line current increases, the voltage drop in the conductor increases, which may result in a lower voltage at the equipment. Low voltage may be caused by a lack of reactive energy. With an improved power factor, the voltage drop in the conductor is reduced, improving the overall voltage.

Increased load carrying capabilities

Save your business thousands of dollars in unnecessary upgrade costs. Loads drawing reactive power also demand reactive current. Installing power factor correction capacitors at the end of existing circuits near the inductive loads reduces the current carried by each circuit. The reduction in current flow resulting from improved power factor may allow the circuit to carry new loads, saving the cost of upgrading the distribution network when extra capacity is required for additional tenants, shops machinery or equipment.

Reduced carbon footprint

Lower the demand on your power system through power factor correction and reduce your carbon footprint. This reduced demand on the electricity grid can account for hundreds of tons of reduced carbon production over time.

Looking to install larger appliances that use more power?

Cartella has you covered. Cartella is capable of dealing with 3-phase power, for those larger, more power hungry pieces of equipment. Get Cartella control, with the installation of a variable frequency drive to regulate the speed of you single or three-phase electric motor.

All repairs and work performed by Cartella is backed by the Electrical and Communication Association (ECA) and our satisfaction guarantee. We are a Master Accredited electrical group, providing you with piece of mind. Cartella provides a quality service, at a cost effective price.