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Cartella: An honest approach to provide you with a unique total service solution

Cartella are highly skilled electricians and plumbers who apply an honest approach to all of your electrical, communication, plumbing, and gas needs. We’ve implemented advanced communication, organisational and management systems so we can better service your needs. All of our projects are performed efficiently, to schedule and a pre-defined budget.

We’ll solve your problems safely and efficiently.

We believe that integrity and honesty is the key to establishing long lasting relationships. With leading industry skills, equipment and technology, Cartella Service will solve your electrical, plumbing, gas or data problems safely and efficiently.

Cartella Commitment

  • Reliability and promptness
  • Delivering honest quotes
  • Providing quality electrical services
  • Safety




Repair, install and maintain your electrical equipment

We service the domestic and industrial markets in Brisbane and and the outer Brisbane region. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and reliable service that is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. As a local Brisbane company with a strong history, we stand by our workmanship and quality of service.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing and Gas
  • Air Conditioning
  • Communication
  • Appliances

Safe – Trustworthy – Aware – Risk Free – Thorough

Cartella: A great START

We are SAFE electrical contractors. All Cartella electricians are fully licensed and certified members of the Electrical and Communications Association – ECA. Cartella works in close partnership with Safety Connect and the ECA, to achieving its accreditation as a Master Electricians group. This means that our electricians are constantly updated with industry standards, regulations and legislation. This gives you, the customer, protection and peace of mind that our electricians are providing you with a safe and reliable service. Your safety, and the safety of our electricians, is our main priority.

We are TRUSTWORTHY contractors. We deliver on our promises and tell you what the real deal is. We don’t mess you about by making you wait for repairs, quoting you more than we have to, or showing up late. We have a ‘No fuss’ approach and our clients can expect honest and reliable services that they can count on.

We are AWARE contractors. This means we understand the impact our work can have on the environment. Our goal is to keep energy consumption and emissions low when installing appliances or electrical works.

We are RISK FREE contractors. We comply with all government and industry regulations during the installation process. All of our electrical services are in accordance with the industry standards. Cartella have a satisfaction guarantee for all installations and are a Master Accredited electrical group.

We are THOROUGH contractors. All of our work is performed with precision. We take pride in our workmanship, so you are always happy with the end result.